The following prices are used for a rough guide only, and are all in Australian dollars.
The price includes assembly and a simple sand/flock base (additional basing options listed below).
Different models may cost more or less depending on the amount of detail on the model, ease of assembly, and the level of painting that you require for your models.
If you wish for me to spend extra time on additional work such as conversions, extra base detail, freehand squad markings etc then the price will likely increase.
Customers can send me the models on the sprue for me to assemble and paint. I can purchase the models for you, but i will require the money for the cost of the models before I start the project.
Discounts will apply for pre-assembled models.

Infantry models: $10-20 (depending on size, detail, and number of models)

Infinity/Malifaux/etc: $15-20 (depending on size and detail of model)

Character models: $30

Large Infantry (40mm base): $30

Bikes/Cavalry: $30

Small monstrous creatures: $70

Large monstrous creatures: $120

Small Vehicles: $70

Large Vehicles: $120

Simple basing: Free
Cork basing: $2 (free for large orders)
Resin/other basing: Contact for quote

Before starting the project, i will require a 25% deposit.
During the process of the commission, we will contact you regularly with updates and photos to ensure that the painting style, colours and overall looks meets your requirements. Once completed, we will send final photos for your approval. You will then be required to make the remainder of payment owing including shipping charges prior to the shipment.